Playing Online Games at the Office

Playing online games at the office can be a great way to spend a few hours at work, but there are certain rules you must follow. These games should be appropriate for your co-workers or friends, and should be played with the group in mind. In addition, playing these games will keep you entertained during office social hours, such as a trivia night, scavenger hunt, or a social hour with your co-workers.

Social hours

Playing online games in the office is more common among younger workers, and some companies have implemented bans or restrictions. However, some companies have allowed certain games or websites, and have designated separate areas where employees can play games. Some even allow games, but not the full range of popular ones. Some companies have even created gaming lounges. Despite the bans, some employees are finding ways to avoid being snubbed by colleagues.

Office-wide scavenger hunt

In an office, playing a scavenger hunt game is the perfect way to get your team involved. You can create different challenges, such as finding items from certain decades, or have employees find a video of their job descriptions and share it. Scavenger hunts can be used as ice-breakers for new employees or as an interbranch activity. When planning your scavenger hunt, be sure to make betboo it as diverse as possible. Global businesses are bound to include a diverse group of people, so you need to keep that in mind.

You can also use an app that allows your employees to find objects. For example, the Loquiz app has a feature that lets you search for objects by image. You can use your skills to earn points by finding them. You can also give each employee a unique task to complete, such as drawing a portrait of a famous figure. Once everyone is done, they can complete the challenge and earn a point.

Office-wide trivia night

One way to make an office-wide trivia night memorable is to use online games. TriviaMaker is a great website that allows you to create your own games or select from a variety of pre-made questions. You can use it during a video conference to allow remote members of your team to participate. Other options include using a projector to show the game to your entire office. These online games are completely customizable and can reflect your organization’s image.

To get the party started, start with team calls. Choose a leader and read out the trivia questions. Players can answer by privately messaging or polling. Scores can be kept in spreadsheets. If you’d rather use a program, Google Slides or PowerPoint to organize your questions. You can also add audio components to the game.

Another fun idea is to use screen-sharing to embed video clips in questions.